About Me

When I’m not teaching English or Indonesian, I taught myself to make website and to code. I’ve been learning how to make blogs and website since the first time I was introduced with computer and internet in 2008. Since then my colleagues and friends have asked me to help them to make website or simple internet profile for their businesses in exchange of a cup of coffee or something else. I mostly use WordPress to build their website. Its ease of use, security, and versatility are some of the things I like about it. After 8 years of playing with it, now I’m confident to offer my skills professionally. I am also familiar with joomla, bootstrap & drupal.

Why Me?

I have the skill set necessary to complete your project. Since I’m an independent web designer working from home, I can cut the unnecessary cost, like marketing, administration, rent, electricity from the price. That also means I can only handle small amount of clients at a time. This is good for you, because I will devote my time to ensure the quality of my works meet your standard.

How does it work?

Before I start working on your project, you need to provide as much information as possible about the project through the contact page. This includes images (logo, product images, profile images etc), texts (tagline, product description, about us, etc). If you are in Bali, I can come to your place and discuss about the project. If you are not in Bali, we can discuss it via email or skype and you can send all the necessary files via dropbox, google drive, or any other file sharing platform.