Why Learn Indonesian

Learn IndonesianFirst of all, Bahasa Indonesia is spoken by over 250 million people in the entire nation of Indonesia. Mastering it would give you access to the diverse and rich culture;more than 500 ethnic group, 400 local languages. Indonesia also home to numerous well-known holiday destinations. Your ability to speak Bahasa Indonesia will help you improve your holiday experience tremendously.

APBIPA Courses

The programs offered here are developed by APBIPA Bali; the pioneer in ISL (Indonesian as a Second Language) programs in Indonesia. The course materials and classroom activities are geared to enhance your language skills for communication. When you finished a level, you’ll be able to use the language that you’ve learned for communication. In Indonesian language, as in many other language, there are formal and informal speech. APBIPA Bali programs are focused on teaching the formal speech. We know very well that the majority of Indonesian use the informal speech when communicating with each other in day to day life. However, when you master the formal speech in Bahasa Indonesia, it’s extremely easy to acquire the informal speech. Besides, you can use the language in all situation.

Course Details

I offer a wide range of Indonesian courses from Beginner to Advanced Level. Each level consists of 40 hours study. However, you can also take a customized program with a minimum 10 hours of language study.

Class Setting & Price

Private Class

minimum 10 hours
1-2 persons per class, for individual, couple, or friends
1 teacher for each class
starting level is adjusted to students’ language proficiency
schedule is adjustable
USD 25/hour/person

Small Group Class

3 – 5 students per class, for friends or family
starting level is adjusted to students’ language proficiency
schedule is adjustable
USD 400 (40 hours)

Online Class

the class conducted via skype
one on one
student will need the following tools
computer/laptop/tab with internet connection
headphone + microphone
USD 35/hour